Other Unique Opportunities for Students:


1-Edutravel- earn credits(Civics/Careers - English, etc., )through travel
2-Rotary Youth Exchange-
3-ReciprocalStudent Exchanges in Europe- CEEF or visitwww.ceef.ca
4-EF- Foundation for Foreign Studyorwww.effoundation.ca
5-Katimavik -offers learning through volunteer service programs for young Canadians looking for a unique experience that enables them to make positive change in their lives and communities.
6-Ontario Science Centre- Earn grade 12 Science credits @ the Ontario Science Centre
7- Gap Year Idea -Work and Travel Abroadwith International Experience Canada
8-Volunteer Abroad
9-Be a Page in the House of Commons, Ottawa
10-Ideas if Considering a Gap Year
11-Latitude Global Volunteering
12-Highschool Enrichment program at the University of Waterloo
13-Experience the Life of a Politician
14-5-week French Language Bursary Program- most expenses covered!
15-YMCA Summer Work Student Exchangeprogram to Quebec - 6 weeks!
16-Altitude- McMaster Medical School- Mentoring Students interested in Healthcare
17-SWAP- helps you to find jobs while you are abroad( work to travel!)
18- Medical School for Secondary School Students -MacMeducation
19-Scientifically Yours- A 2 day science experience for grade 10 & 11 students @ Brock U
20- BrockMentorship program- Earn credits while under the Mentorship of a university professor
21-International Summer School for Young Physicists- Perimeter Institute in Waterloo
22-Encounters Canada:
23-Blyth Academy: March Break or Summer International Programs

24:  INTERACTION:  a Full Day conference at the University of Guelph for grade 10 and 11 students, introducing university living and learning.  

Other enrichment Opportunities:  Click here

Study Skills and Extra Help: 
a-  Study skills

b-  Math Homework Help

c-  Exam tips and tricks

d-  Tutors:  Brock University - Faculty of Education
    Contact:  dbuchanan@brocku.ca
     Please provide the following information:
     -Parent/guardian name
     -Relationship to student
     -Home telephone number
     -Home email address
     -Subject and Grade for which tutor is required
     -Frequency (weekly, daily, monthly)
     -Payment terms ($ per hour)