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Business & Computers

Program leader
Holly Etherington
x 82029
Mr. B. Nickel


Voicemail messages can be left at the above extensions
by calling the school at (905) 646-9884

Courses Offered (by grade)

GRADE 9 BTT1O Computer Applications
GRADE 10 BBI2O Introduction to Business
  ICS2O Computer Studies
GRADE 11 BAF3M Accounting
  BDI3C Entrepreneurship
  BTA3O Computers in Business (Appllications)
  ICS3U Computer Programming
GRADE 12 BAT4M Accounting* (Advanced)
  BOH4M Business Management
  BTX4C Multimedia Solutions (Applications)
  ICS4U Computer Programming* (Advanced)
  BBB4M   International Business

* Grade 11 pre-requisite course is required