Specialized School to Community

Our Specialized School to Community Program (formerly known as Special Needs) teaches life skills to students. Upon completion of our program, students earn a Certificate of Accomplishment.

“Our goal is to work together to meet individual student needs and to help students reach their full potential.  We provide engaging opportunities for students to enhance independent life skills, to learn functional academic skills, and to acquire practical employability skills.”

The Specialized School to Community (SSTC) program at Eden High School meets the educational needs of approximately 40 students.  The program offers a wide variety of classes including Literacy, Food Service, Horticulture, Science, Music, Drama, Wood Shop, Technology, and Physical Education based on the interests and needs of each student. 

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Mr. Paul Hurd (Program Leader)

Mr. L. Quattrini (Horticulture)

Mrs. M. Bellefeuille

Mr. J. Caruso (Wood shop)

Mrs. A. Chubb

Mr. D. Dischke. (Technology)

Mrs. H. Coker

Mr S. Azzopardi

Mrs. L. Jones

Mr. A. Fulcher (Science)

Mrs. C. Simpson

Mr. J. Gay (Music)

Mr. C. Streiss

Mr. B. Krzeczkowski (Drama)

Mrs. V. Scholz (Phys.Ed.)

For more information about our program at Eden, please contact:

Paul Hurd   (Program Leader)    905-646-9884   (Eden High School)   ext 82006

For more information about the student placement process in the DSBN, please contact:

Ann LaFortune    (Consultant - Special Education Secondary Schools)   905-227-5551  ext 52282