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Eden Sausage

Eden School Council sells delicious Mennonite sausage made with high-quality pork that contains no fillers, by-products or gluten. It is provided by Ted Dettweiler. We offer Regular Smoked and Garlic Smoked. Both come in either a 2kg bag or a 5kg (11lbs) box. Sale runs for 3 weeks, three times in the school year, generally, fall (Oct), winter (Feb) and spring (April).
This fundraiser is so effective that council doesn't have to organize frequent smaller fundraisers. However, we need as many people to participate as possible to keep it this awesome. So spread the news! If you belong to a church and no one advertises there we would love to include your congregation in this sale. It's just a matter of submitting a bulletin announcement to the secretary. Contact Anita for details. If you have never experienced Dettweiler sausage now is the time to try it!
Ordering is easy, fast and secure. All orders are taken through school cash online and prepaid. Customers do not need a student or be affiliated with the District School Board of Niagara. If you are not registered with school cash you will need an email address and a debit/credit card. It takes less than five minutes to register and once in the system it will be fast and easy for future ordering. Just remember the password you created! When the sausage is available the bright pink pig will be on Eden's homepage, just click there. Unfortunately, the sale transition to school cash online has been difficult for our aging customers who have supported this fundraiser for years. If you know of friends or family who are not comfortable paying online, or do not have an email and /or computer please reach out and order for them. I'm sure they will pay you back in cash!
After ordering, it is essential that you remember when to pick up your sausage. I urge customers to mark their calendars with 'pick up sausage from 10-noon" on the date stipulated, immediately after placing order. After all, you've already paid for it.  Confidentiality does not allow us to have access to your personal contact information. So if you forget to pick it up we have no way to tell you. If you cannot make it on this date please arrange someone to get it for you. They do not need to have a receipt, just the name of the person who ordered. If you are staff or absolutely cannot find someone to pick up your sausage please contact Anita prior to the pick up date and she will label it and leave it in the fridge at Eden. If there are a lot of forgotten orders and not enough fridge/freezer space at Eden it will be placed in her freezer in St David's till you remember that you forgot it and call to arrange for pickup. But please, just remember the pick up date to save all the heavy lifting!
If you have any questions, concerns or advice please do not hesitate to text/call Anita at 289-783-3121.
Next chance to order is Fall of 2020