Specialized School to Community

Our Specialized School to Community Program (formerly known as Special Needs) teaches life skills to students. Upon completion of our program, students earn a Certificate of Accomplishment.

“Our goal is to work together to meet individual student needs and to help students reach their full potential.  We provide engaging opportunities for students to enhance independent life skills, to learn functional academic skills, and to acquire practical employability skills.”

The Specialized School to Community (SSTC) program at Eden High School meets the educational needs of approximately 40 students.  The program offers a wide variety of classes including Literacy, Food Service, Horticulture, Science, Music, Drama, Wood Shop, Technology, and Physical Education based on the interests and needs of each student. 


Paul Hurd (Program Leader)

AJ Alexander
Jackie Adams
Steve Azzopardi

Malinda Bellefeuille
Beata Baranski

Anne Marie Chubb
Lori Barrett

Hope Coker
Joseph Caruso (Woodshop)

Jaclyn Duffy 
Domenic Faragalli

Susan Hass 
Adrian Fulcher (Science)
Lisa Jones 
Kelly Thorne
Mark Perri 
Jonathon Thorpe
Chris Streiss 

Frequently Asked Questions

  QUESTION: Will my son/daughter’s IEP be transferred to high school?

  ANSWER: Yes there will be transition meetings held in the spring between the Special Education department and the previous school. All supports, documents and accommodations will be discussed and transferred to Eden.  The IEP is a working document that moves from elementary to secondary school.

  QUESTION: What do the classes look like?

  ANSWER: Maximum of 10 students in a class(low-enrollment) and Educational Assistants available depending on student need.

  QUESTION: What does the typical SSTC schedule look like?


-the student will transition to four classes throughout the day(non-covid)

-some students may have up to four different teachers throughout the day

-Variety of classes: culinary, fitness, literacy, numeracy, food to table, art, transit training, computers

-Designed to prepare students for daily living, employment, life skills

-non-credit bearing courses

  QUESTION: Will there be opportunities for integration into other school based classes?


 - There may be some opportunities in technology, Physical education and art classes

-SSTC scheduling allows for integrated teachers to come to SSTC to teach their subject course. Ex. Science teachers teach Science in the SSTC room.

   QUESTION: Will transportation be provided and what is the length of the school day?

   ANSWER:  All SSTC students are eligible for transportation

  QUESTION: What other supports are in place?


-Sensory room

-OT/PT consultation would continue from elementary school

-CAST consultation would continue from elementary school if receiving support

-Speech and language would continue from elementary school if receiving support


For more information about our program at Eden, please contact:

Gary McGuchan: Special Education Program Leader, G. McGuchan,  extension 61625 or

Carla Piovesana: Vice Principal, ext. 61502

For more information about the student placement process in the DSBN, please contact:

Sandra D'Amelio    (Consultant - Special Education Secondary Schools)   905-227-5551  ext 52247