Student Council

1. Purpose of Student Council

Student Council is an organization of student leaders which plans and coordinates activities for the purpose of developing “school spirit”. It is the setting in which student ideas and opinions about their school may be presented for discussion and action. Student Council also encourages students to act as vital members of the broader community through fund raising and the support of charitable and humanitarian causes.

2. President/Vice President 

Student Body President and Vice-President serve as the public “faces” of Student Council at various functions both inside and outside of school. These are positions which are determined through a school-wide election each spring in anticipation of the upcoming school year. The candidate with the most votes is declared President, while runner up in the balloting is named Vice-President.

Students are eligible to campaign for these positions:

• if the following year they will be a grade 11 or 12 student.
• if they have a commitment to service.
• if they agree to conduct themselves in such as manner so they will be a positive example to other students.
• if they have a minimum 75% average and without course failures.

3. Executive/Departments

The Executive (Exec) consists of student leaders and their advisors. President and Vice-President are the elected members. Plus, the Executive contains several members appointed by the staff advisors. In addition to being part of this small leadership group, Executive members each run their own departments, the responsibilities for which are described by these titles: Assemblies Coordinator, Fund-raising Coordinator, Publicity Coordinators, Spirit Coordinator, Athletics Coordinator, Service Coordinator and Communications Secretary. Students may apply directly for these positions, but often demonstrate their suitability for selection to the Executive by having first run for President. Member’s duties are as follows:

• attend Executive meetings to coordinate Student Council Activities.
• in co-operation with staff advisors, prepare and carry out Department Activities.
• meet regularly in their Departments and create opportunities for as many students as possible to become members.
• report to Student council on the plans and activities of their Departments.

4. Committees

Committees change year-by-year, but presently include Yearbook, Grad, Student Voice and the Mental Health Initiative. Committee heads are selected by Student Council in September. Each Committee chair will:

• in co-operation with their staff advisor, plan and carry out Committee activities.
• meet regularly and create opportunities for as many students as possible to become members of their Committee.
• report to Student Council on the plans and activities of their Committee.

5. Council

Students Council meets biweekly and is attended by staff advisors, Executive and Committee members. Meetings consist of reports, discussion of activities and issues of importance to student representatives.