Homework Help

Ms. Caldwell    -    available Sundays 1-4, and Monday night 7-9.  Students need to email to be added  to the online class. English, Coop, ESL, History, or Geography  cheryl.caldwell@dsbn.org Ms. Étienne - available at Mondays & Wednesdays 3pm-4pm for Chemistry nicole.etienne@dsbn.org Ms. Gerbes -    available by appointment periods 1 or 4 for French, History, Family Studies, Social  Sciences nicole.gerbes@dsbn.org Ms. Lambert - available for English, email for appointment shelby.lambert@dsbn.org Ms. Morrison - available for Math, by appointment after school charlotte.morrison@dsbn.org Mr. Price    -    available for English & History Wednesdays at lunch in room 217 (other days at  lunch by request) jason.price@dsbn.org